Embassy Media is live

We are a small but mighty award-winning production company. We deliver big, with a personal touch, created to challenge the status-quo and do things a little differently.

We decided at the very start of Embassy that we didn’t want to put profit before planet.

Our work takes us around the globe, and in our down time we are always enjoying the outdoors, whether skiing in the alps, or surfing the waves in Cornwall, the environment plays a big role in our lives. We want to play our part in helping to protect and preserve it for future generations.

Embassy pledges to invest in environmental projects and actively offset its Carbon Emissions - and we can help you do the same. Closer to home, we regularly work with local charities and organisations, with the goal of leaving the world a better place.

Being smaller than some of our competitors is an advantage – allowing us to freshen up established practices. Although far from perfect, we strive to do better and welcome opportunities to share knowledge.

Our Crew

Crew Management

A wide range of experience defines our work. From filming underwater, in the air and on some of the best mown grass in the world.

What we do